L’Eau and Behold

One of Passover’s big themes is water.  The Sea in the Desert sets the stage for crossing the sea, coming through narrow straits, through a “birth canal” towards your own life, passing from received ideas towards self-awareness and freedom, singing in the liminal spaces; singing. 

“L’Eau and Behold,” a long sequenced poem that I wrote in the fall, is also about obstructions, blockages, and the joy when water flows and liberates us from stuck places.  I was thrilled when La Piccioletta Barca short-listed it for its poetry contest. The contest’s theme was “Amorphous,” quite fitting as freedom is an undefined field of opportunities. The poem has been published on their website: https://www.picciolettabarca.com/posts/amorphous-competition-shortlist

Please take a look!

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