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The Flower Brigade

I’m remembering the profusion of an August evening in Paris’s lush Luxembourg Garden. There were fuschia blossoms on stems and stalks and shrubs, at dog, kid and adult eye level. Purple hearts woven with greenery, giant hedges of poppies and … Continue reading

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Summer Junk

There are elements of summer travel that consume the intellect – history and literary settings and reevaluation of the real from the media images we’ve been fed.   There are things that consume the body – sun, mosquitoes.   And … Continue reading

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Moscow, the Post-Modern

Arriving in Moscow feels like stepping onto a crossroads of an entire world, like an ancient-turned-modern capital on the Silk Road.  You see towering blocky skyscrapers and three train stations as once.  People are cutting paths like compasses, their faces … Continue reading

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TALE ONE St. Petersburg is a stylized and showy city, immersed in the reflection of itself as “western.” It stares at itself in its canals, particularly now that it’s nearly a modern, post-Soviet, western city.  But absurdities were “baked into” … Continue reading

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