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Winter’s Other

Lushly, thicklya polar bear hibernatesunder our infinite skies,  in our midst:bristling white visiting behemoth. From my tiny pane,I see its heavylugubrious breathing see its lungs, and firrise and fall in branch and mindand rise again.

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Le Noir (Winter Beach)

Le Noir (Winter Beach) Not so fast, walkeron the winter beach under a shrouded moon.Desire far outstrips your first unsteady steps.No sight, no fixed points: Recalibrate. A roar answersyour question before it’s asked.

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How I Learned to Love the Bomb Cyclone

The Shape of Snow Needlepoint of snow in the streetlight cross stitches in the gusting wind. Cars begin to disappear, the nearby elms fade in the distance. By the shore, four sharks roll up, bone dead, though a dog learns … Continue reading

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