covid-19, summer-20

—after Inger Christensen

Covid exists.  Covid-19 exists, summer-20 exists.  High noon exists.  Heat exists.  Water in rivers, in seas, in showers, from fire hydrants exists.  Coves exist.  Hidden lanes of purple hydrangea exist.  Overturned bones of kayaks.  Smoothness of stones, stones, pebbles irreducible pebbles exist.  Marsh grasses like glissando on a piano.  Poison ivy exists.  Bodies in hospitals exist.  Grief exists.  Shadows and data and systems, bindweed and drifting boats, errors and interpretation.  Brutality exists. Bridges, from a distance, from other islands. A breeze laying traces of a fishnet on the waves.  Wildness, wilderness, wildness exists.   Light that has never been the same since the beginning of time exists. A swimmer’s ecstasy exists.  A swimmer exists as she swims through that moment’s infinity.  Festivity exists only because of the possibility that it might not exist.

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2 Responses to covid-19, summer-20

  1. Rita says:

    Found you via Dave Bonita, and just wanted to say that I love this. Thank you.

    • jillbpearlman says:

      Thank you for this note, Rita, it’s so kind of you to write! It’s remarkable how Dave collages a group of poet/writers often finding a through-line that makes it seem we really are a community. It’s so needed in the void.

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