A Sonnet for Seder during Lockdown

Sonnet for Seder during Lockdown

Nothing is new under the sun, not even confinement.  
The sun is not new, narrow straits not new, 
the liberation story rolls like time in search 
of an ending.  With Passover we should be done 
but we keep narrating, like old people forgetting
we’ve already told it five thousand times. 
The more freedom, the more we struggle
to know what it means. The truth of Exodus 
is on trial, in crisis.  Salt waters crest 
to our chins.  Awestruck, we know nothing
can be said though we testify and babble 
in quivering attempt. We want to want more keenly.
On high, the Lover is never quite satisfied;
He sees our desire raw, though not raw enough. 

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