London State of Mind

Zsa ZsaI’m going to London this weekend. Clio’s Mobile Home is being read there by a literary agent. “Fiction with an experimental edge” was his calling card. I loved that…it’s mine too. He also likes first person voices, obsessions, 20th century history and an intense story. Mine too.  I’m meeting some old friends, in publishing, and not. My gal pal Joanna Howard, professor at Brown Literary Arts, whose writing I admire immensely, (Foreign Correspondent, Frights of Fancy), and whom I usually meet down the street for lunch, will be there too.


My favorite image used to be an image from a paper coaster in the Barcelona bar Zsa Zsa in the ’90s. The woman is a Miro-like phantasm with a duck head, red beak, wild splayed hands (one poking out of her hip), and tons of curves. Her half sexy, half hysterical self is printed in shiny black ink. I used it on my own stationary, and I used it in the banner of my blog,

Chaos is always within, but now I’m more or less balanced. The dancing star, Clio, has been born. Take a deep breath.

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